Project Description

Metropolit life

City life. It starts with the first morning cup of coffee from the Cafe under the apartment and continues in the evening with a glass of champagne. Thanks to the clear idea of the Investor, we knew from the beginning that we were going to embark on a project that is intended for long-term lease. A decision to focus on the best, to allow enjoying the city and everything it offers, means cooperating with the Investor in other upcoming projects.

Bustle, new opportunities, and the charm of every single moment. Lights of the exterior are pleasantly accompanying you already when you open the front door. Their reflection in the mirror of the wall cladding opposite the cabinets creates a pleasant atmosphere from the beginning.

Welcome to the metropolis!

A two-room apartment with a loggia, with a total area of 55 square meters, in the city center had to meet several ideas of the Investor and the future clients, whom we do not yet know. That is why we reached for prominence already in our initial concepts. To attract, arouse desire and want to stay. And, at the same time, to create, albeit in a smaller space, all the coziness and the necessary comfort possible in every single aspect.

Despite the fact that it is a new building, some minor building modifications were necessary for the mentioned comfort. We expanded the original ceiling in the hallway onto the whole area. The achieved cleanliness of the space offered us the opportunity to create a storage space that is never enough. After all, you know it…

In addition to custom-made closets, a place was formed to sit, or rather to display new pieces and keep enjoying them. Soft upholstered seating creates warmth and softness in the space. It refers to a comfortable sofa bed in the living room, which can be seen already from the hallway along with a courageous curtain, or to a double bed in the bedroom in conjunction with green wallpaper and smoke glass in a custom-made closet.

Food, Friends, Champagne, and Sunshine

The challenging request of furnishing the interior for someone you don’t know yet was tempting. We imagined her/him, but first and foremost the life they would lead here. The complexity of the city, dynamics, quality of materials, and the uniqueness of the details that complete the overall lifestyle mood − all of these were selected with the internal question marks.

The floor has become the cornerstone, and also a tone of the entire interior. The fish pattern we chose unites all the owner’s investment projects. Tarrtora’s bleached color does not look as cold as it might seem on bleached parquet. Combined with Manhattan oak shinnoki veneer on the furniture sets, they jointly created the character of the entire interior.

The furniture set, which serves as a storage space, stretches from the hallway through the living room to the tall set in the kitchen. The dominant feature of the interior embraces a partition, which structurally divides the hallway from the kitchen. Furniture-lined walls fill the entire areas. The front of the set in the living room is not just veneered cladding; it also offers a hidden space for a good bottle of wine. In addition to the standard kitchen equipment, the future clients will also find the inside Space Power Bloom pull-out food cabinets there. Comfort at the highest level.

Flush-mounted Terazzo tiles form a screen in the kitchen. An undisturbed transition between classic plaster and tiling expresses our sense for details. Modern Terazzo can also be found in the bathroom as a cold accent to a warm floor. For carefree enjoyment of dinner preparation, we chose a worktop made of artificial stone. Other furniture to the veneer sets is tuned in pleasant beige. Earthy color tones do not compete with each other. The upper solitary cabinets, as well as the skirting boards of veneered furniture, were given a black matt finish. The backlight creates an elegant atmosphere during dinner or watching a movie on a comfortable, spacious sofa in the living room. At the same time, it navigates in space. A black sink faucet is a perfect full point in the kitchen.

Circular lamps govern the entire interior. Both, recessed, but also the hanging ones, which resemble the shape of lentils. In addition to neutral black, we also chose a “palm” fresh green as an accent to the pleasant earthy tones. The lamps that dominate over a subtle circular dining table made of black veneer combine a palette of colors that mirror the entirespace. The timeless iconic TON “Armchair 33” chairs in an upholstered design combine atimeless retro pattern and geometry. A risk that has worked out perfectly.

With a RETRO touch

We chose the spacious sofa bed to multiply the possible sleeping areas. The pleasantly gray fabric, the green viscous carpet, and the Emperador Dark marble conference table form an elegant trio. The “crazy” geometric curtain extends only from the left side of the room. The fine mesh curtain which, on the other hand, softened the space, covers the entire view up to the balcony. An unconventional design had occupied our thoughts for long. We didn’t need any functional blackout curtains thanks to the exterior blinds, but we wanted to make a pleasant touch of the space. The geometry on the distinctive curtain refers to retro chairs or a fish pattern on the interior floor. We didn’t worry about it anymore.

The TV set with the loaded 10mm sides made of MDF, which is sprayed in color on the outside, with a gold metallic finish standing out inside, was created in our carpentry workshop. Glass shelves with invisible grooves are not often seen.

Three images with a clear message: “Enjoy the life, the world, and the sun, which rises after every storm”.

We managed to link the day and night sections with the green “palm” color. The initial choice of wallpaper in the bedroom carried a different structure, but the combination of wallpaper and a blackout curtain with an equally falling structured line fit perfectly into the interior. Note: It is scientifically proven that the green color in the bedroom creates a soothing atmosphere and positive feelings during relaxation. A functional blackout curtain was the obvious choice. We do not know how people prefer to sleep, but we want the future tenants to indulge in a quality and peaceful sleep behind the custom-made reversible doors, sprayed in the same beige color as the kitchen unit or a TV chest of drawers in the living room.

We chose the upholstered bed in a pleasantly neutral gray tone. Round bedside tables on both sides are harmonized with the round, again lentil-shaped, hanging lights. There is no redundant space in today’s standard layouts. A subtle chair or a seat, as in this case, is ideal for additional storage space. Unread books, candle, or jewelry. Everything for a peaceful sleep and rest.

Black accents and Manhattan oak shinnoki on the built-in closet behind the door look decent thanks to the already mentioned material composition. The smoke glass in the middle not only divides the space of the closet, but also reflects the elegance of the whole space. Indirect lighting in the plinths under the closet completes the intimacy of the green bedroom.

Cubist shapes and black fittings create the characteristics of a minimalist and clean bathroom. Terrazo, which is also displayed in the kitchen, forms the largest part of the bathroom. Only 36mm can be seen from the bathroom cabinet, but don’t get confused by millimeters. Thanks to the hidden glass shelves, it provides enough space for everything you need for a fast, high-quality and rich life − even a clear message on the mirror.

Do more of what makes you happy.